remember last summer when american eagle had that modelling contest where you submit your picture to get votes and if you get into the top 20 votes your picture is displayed at times square in new york

i submitted this photo of me about to sneeze


i placed 12th and i was on the times square billboard for two weeks

i hate each and every single one of you all


All i can hope for is for me to get better because all  I can take is no more.

I’ll win him back again, we’ll be lovers, best friends.

He won’t need no other woman like he did way back when he was with me.

He needed more than me. I’m friendly, and thoughtful, and quite awfully pretty, but he needed more than me.


И вдруг я задумался..  я не готов снова к серьезным отношениям.. я не знаю, не могу себе представить что, кто-то будет нарушать мое личное пространство.. мне нравится нарушать личное пространство других, врываться в чужое окружение.. но мне позволяют это делать.. нарушать же мое личное пространство.. не знаю..